Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019

Calum stirling - Sculpture Park: Photo: Paul Knight

Sculpture Park
Public artwork

Commissioned by NHSGGC as part of the artwork programme for New Victoria Hospital on the Southside of Glasgow.

In this new permanent work the artist has drawn together natural, architectural and sculptural elements in the form of a manufactured landscape for both relaxation and contemplation.
Drawing from the languages of abstraction and modernism in art, formal garden design and the natural landscape of Scotland the artist has generated a dialogue about the interconnectivity of art, science and nature and the dynamic potential of those connections.

Influences for this work come from such diverse sources as the study of the cellular pattern found in biology, geology, geometry and mathematical formula. Architectural influences include the modernist building designs of John Lautner and Albert Frey and from historical garden design the Alhambra in Granada and the 17th century formal gardens of France. Scottish influences for the work include the Fossil grove in Victoria Park, Glasgow and The Lost Valley (Coire Gabhail) in Glen Coe.

Notes about each element:

The boulders for this project are natural glacial boulders recently sourced near Inverness, a mixture of Granite and Gneiss (Central Highland Migmatite). These boulders were originally deposited, as marine or estuarine sands and muds, over a period somewhere before 840 Ma.
Boulders from 42 tonnes to 1 tonnes. Largest 3.2m x 2.4m x 2.6m

Overlapping rings
Crossover abstract forms designed as relational works to the boulders, air drawings as compositional windows. Influenced by images from cellular mycroscopy and neuroscience.
Welded mild steel, Metallic powdercoat, each 3m x 2m x 20cm

Geometric screen
The green 3m steel screen alluding to both compositions within formal geometric garden design and playfully
introduces the idea of “mathematical topiary”. The pattern within the frame is based upon the tessellation pattern p3m1 a mathematical formula found in various mosaic tile designs found at the Alhambra in Granada and also many other Greek, Roman, Persian and Italian
renaissance designs.
Welded mild steel, Metallic powder coat, 3m x 1.5m x 20cm

This gemetric form appears in many guises in nature such as crystals, snowflakes and bee honeycombs it is also known in geometry as a Kepler-Poinsot polyhedron. It is composed of 12 pentagonal faces (six pairs of parallel pentagons), with five pentagons meeting at each vertex, intersecting each other making a pentagrammic path. This shape was the basis for the Rubik's Cube-like Alexander's Star puzzle.
Welded mild steel, Metallic powder coat, 60cm x 60cm x 60cm

Cast concrete tops on steel legs, two different abstract designs.
Cast concrete with quartzite and mica powder surface.
Welded mild steel, Metallic powder coat, 2.8m x 80cm x 50cm