Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019

Photo credit Alan Dimmick:

Left for Frank

A commission for the Open Eye Club. Project title, The Human Arc.
Tramway, Glasgow.

Glasgow based artist Calum Stirling presents the installation ‘Left for Frank’. Made specifically for 'The Human Arc' the work “explores happenstance and the performative possibilities of the object by placing a number of large theatrical and sculptural props interspersed with video cameras into the space. Audience interaction with the installation is presented as a series of black and white video stills shot on the night using a video delay to place a gap between capture and presentation. The work continues the artists work with illusion, perception and chance occurrence in relation to static sculptural form.”

Media: 8 x video board cameras + cables, video mixer, multiplexer, time shift video unit and monitor. hardboard,timber, emulsion.

An essay by Neil Mulholland was commissioned by The Open Eye Club to accompany the show.