Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019

Counterfactual Artefacts
Atelier E.B, Passer-By,
Serpentine Sachler Gallery, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

Recent small concrete and mudstone pebble laser works made in collaboration with Atelier E.B for their show Passer-By. Reconfigured for each venue.

For the exhibition Stirling made the large cameos adorning the paravent screen in the Atelier E.B showroom in collaboration with artist Rachel Levine and Beca Lipscombe, who printed the panels. He has also made small stone and concrete fragments, collectively titled counterfactual artefacts using his own bespoke digitla fabrication processes. The works appear throughout the exhibition in overt and covert locations. Like remnants from an archaeological dig these objects, cast in cement and laser printed on to pebbles, combine imagery from Atelier E.B's new collection, with that of his own.