Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019

Calum Stirling - Installation view: - ceiling view 6m x 3m

Gadroon Baguette Cartouche

A project to digitally produce an update of traditional Scottish cornicing using social, political and economic data, bespoke data visualization software and an artist built CNC milling machine to examine new possibilities in architectural mouldings and ceiling ornamentation. Using the raw data of statistics, for example from financial algorithms gathered about UK banking sector through to renewable energy outputs, 4x4 depreciation values and red squirrel population the project takes the conventional Victorian and Edwardian ceiling mouldings found across the central belt of Scotland and re-presents their original function in new mongrel forms, distorting their original value as an indication of wealth and status. Part Baroque data excess and part Hogarthian cartoon the work attempts to apply a call and response process of data, object, chance and feedback to this important but often overlooked craft.

Cycle 08 Alt-w Production Award programmed by New Media Scotland
Produced with the assistance of Campsie Creative, and