Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019

Calum Stirling - Makrolab: - research footage

Landstylus: Survey#2

A single screen video work for cello, prepared score and CGI animation.
Cello: Sonia Cromarty

A project initiated as part of the Makrolab residency in 2002 to explore if topography can be played like the surface of a record and what might that landscape sound like? Whilst on residency at Makrolab the artist worked with a 20km square map around Glen Tilt in the Scottish Highlands. Translating it into a soundmap which could be 'driven' around using a software 'Landrover', the landstylus. Sound in this case is being harnesses as the interpretative voice to discover whether the shape of actual landforms can indeed generate a some or any of the parameters commonly associated with an emotive language such as music. The project was part inspired by the aptly named 'Hill and Dale' audio recording process pioneered by Edison in 1910.

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