Calum Stirling

Image: Remote Village,
Copyright the artist 2019


Sound sculpture

The installation was commissioned by The Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sunderland for the Show 'Use Nor Ornament' in Nov/Dec 2000. Longplayer comprised a record making machine, and blank disks an amplification. A recording of anecdotal stories from retired ship builders from the Sunderland area was cut for the show and played back in the gallery.

One of the works unique qualities is that it can record onto unusually large PVC and acetate disks allowing long durational recordings. Longplayer is at present one of the largest audio disk recording media ever built and can produce recordings on disks from 4 to 50cm on a variety of materials and at different speeds.

The origins of Longplayer derive from the artists interest in the process of sound reproduction prior to the digital age and his continuing interest in both analogue and digital sound technology in relation to the very human activity of mark making.